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With AICPA, take the road of a financial person who is in line with international standards

With AICPA, take the road of a financial person who is in line with international standards. Not all financial students can get the offer of four major or well-known foreign companies as soon as they graduate. AICPA certificate. Many graduates may enter a small and medium-sized enterprise to make payments or accounting. After two or three years of work, these financial people have accumulated a certain amount of work experience, and hope to move to a better platform to continue to develop. Among them, the world's top 500 companies are the hearts of many financial people. So what are the financial people's salary for the top 500 foreign companies, and what are the career development prospects? How can the general financial people successfully knock on the world's top 500?

Top 500 financial salary disclosure

Generally speaking, the companies that can enter the "Top 500 Enterprises of the World" list are relatively strong, and their business operations are relatively complete, so the income of financial personnel is also considerable.

According to relevant survey data, the average salary of general financial personnel of the top 500 enterprises can reach an annual salary of 100,000 to 250,000.

Of course, if you have worked in a foreign company for a few years and successfully promoted to a financial manager or even a financial controller, then your salary level can be directly increased several times. We can see from these vivid examples below. Recently, Glassdoor has organized the salary positions of Microsoft's 15 majors, including the annual salary of the chief financial officer of up to 285,000 US dollars, equivalent to 1.8 million yuan.

Also reported by the Glassdoor show that in 2014, Apple's financial analysts' annual salary reached $94,799. In addition, the documents issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in the first half of this year revealed that Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Ma Esterley’s annual salary in 2014 was as high as $14 million.

It can be said that the current financial position of the top 500 companies has become one of the hottest high-paying positions.