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TARC diploma sample 2019, who has 50 years of outstanding academic achievement

TARC diplomas, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College certificates
TARC diploma sample 2019, who has 50 years of outstanding academic achievement. How to buy Tunku Abdul Rahman University College diplomas online. Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) is the premier tertiary education institution in Malaysia for quality and affordable programs for students. Today, TARC offers more than 100 courses at the Kuala Lumpur Head Office and the Penang, Handan, Johor, Pahang and Sabah branches, with a total of more than 28,000 students. Since its inception in 1969, TARC has trained more than 200,000 graduates.
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College offers a wide range of subject areas such as Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Business, Economics, Chemistry/Applied Physics, Enterprise Information Systems, Software Engineering/Information Systems/Information Security Science, Sports and Sports Science, Life Sciences/Biology, Microelectronics, Food Science, Aquaculture, Management Mathematics, Environmental Architecture, Engineering, Counseling/Psychology, Creative Arts and Design, Courtesy Management and Mass communication. In addition to the above courses, Laguna also offers A-level and foundation courses.

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