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Imperial College London student transcript replacement is available now

Imperial College London academic transcript
Imperial College London student transcript replacement is available now. As a university specializing in science and technology, Imperial College enjoys a reputation in the United Kingdom and MIT in the United States, and its research level is recognized among the top three universities in the UK. There are approximately 2,800 researchers, including 53 Fellow of Royal Society and 57 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering. At the same time, among the past members of Imperial College, there were 14 Nobel Prizes and 2 Fairz Prize winners. In the UK university rankings, Imperial College usually takes the third place, even surpassing one of Oxford and Cambridge, ranking second. In addition to the Department of Science and Technology, Imperial College's business school is in the forefront of the UK and is in a rapid rise. The College's advanced research in life and the natural sciences has a world-class reputation and is generally considered equivalent to Oxford and Cambridge, and even surpasses them in this particular field. Imperial College ranks third in the UK's 2006 Times rankings in the UK; National Heart, Lung Institute, Pure Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering in the UK Higher Education Fund Board's research assessment 5 stars for mechanical engineering, mining engineering, Metallurgy and Materials...
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