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Is it difficult to apply for a bachelors degree of Loughborough University?

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Is it difficult to apply for a bachelors degree of Loughborough University. how to apply for loughborough university degree certificate, how to get loughborough university master's degree. Loughborough University is located in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands region of central England. It takes about 90 minutes by train to London. Loughborough University ranked 21st in the UK in the 2014 Times UK University Rankings, ranked 244th in the world in the 2013/14 QS World University Rankings, and ranked the world in the 2013-14 Thames Higher Education World University Rankings. The first 351-400. Loughborough University is also in the forefront of teaching quality and has a good international reputation. The world's comprehensive ranking of universities is around 250.
Since the establishment of the Queen's Anniversary Award for Higher Education and Continuing Education in 1994, only Loughborough University, Manchester University and Oxford University have won more than 7 awards (Loughborough University's 7th Anniversary of the Queen's Anniversary on November 21, 2013 The award for education, the number of awards is the same as that of Manchester University, second only to Oxford University). The research strength of many disciplines of the university has also been recognized. Loughborough University ranked 26th in the recent RAE University Research Assessment Exercise organized by the British government. Among them, communication culture research, medical application, architectural environment, information management and other disciplines have achieved good results. . The 2007 National Student Survey showed that Loughborough University ranked first in student satisfaction at full-time universities.
Is it difficult to apply for a bachelors degree of Loughborough University? 
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